Vision by Protiviti

Project overview


  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing
  • UX design
  • Interaction design
  • UI design
  • Identity (logo) system
  • Brand system
  • Brand guidelines

CLIENT Protiviti is an international business consulting firm with 6,000+ employees globally in 80+ offices.

USERS The C-suite and boardroom executives.

STRATEGY The nature of leading a Fortune 100 or larger company necessitates being selective with one’s time. That’s why we opted to approach the Vision by Protiviti editorial site with a straightforward and easily readable design, emphasizing principles of design that are tried and true — over bells and whistles that could detract.


Vision asks futurists, such as Dr. Michio Kaku and consultants within Protiviti’s practice, what the world and business look like in 10 years — across various topics like the future of cities and the future of work. Nav carefully balanced the need for an innovative look alongside an easily readable experience.

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Modular content page

The most crucial page of the site, the modular content page must accommodate many types of content (videos, articles, Q&As, interviews, panels). Our ubiquitous challenge was to ensure the page is inviting given the content-heaviness of the site. So the design allows the client to add in several places content such as quotes; color blocks of content with photos, text, and infographics; and full-width photos.

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Because other consulting firms had editorial products on the market already, we knew clearly where our differentiators were. So we put them on blast through the brand strategy: a farther-out future focus (10 years vs competitors' 3 to 5 years) and consistent, quarterly themes addressing this decade-ahead forecast.


Naming: Nav identified the name of Vision and the visual concept of the logo, which is underpinned by the visual emphasis of the letters “I” and “O” so that they also reveal the number 10, which is the editorial focus of Vision — “framing the big ideas that will shape the next 10 years.”

Visual system

The Vision site is content-heavy and topics change quarterly, so systems were key — like the one below that are simple and quick to execute across the changing topics and many team members.

Featured images: The featured images above are stylized to mirror the horizontal lines from the logo — and are reimagined in blue to support the color palette and provide a consistent look.

From the client

Joe Kornik

Director of Brand Publishing, Protiviti

"Nav delivered a smart, strategic and contemporary design aimed at senior executives. They struck the perfect balance between edgy and professional in their design approach, and their instincts are spot on when it comes to finding the right approach to amplify the content to meet its overall goals. In addition, Nav was an absolute pleasure to work with; they’re super organized, deadline-oriented, proficient and diligent."