Terp's Candy

Project Overview


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand messaging
  • Identity (logo) system
  • Brand system
  • Brand guidelines
  • Packaging
  • Tradeshow

CLIENT Terp’s Candy is a vanguard company making delicious hard candy with terpenes, which are the chemical compounds in plants that produce their aroma and flavor. Terp’s is the first to make them delicious.

AUDIENCE Historically,consumers who knew of terpenes were cannabis-educated. Terp’s wanted to reach beyond that market to the natural food market.

STRATEGY We needed to communicate “candy” but also the benefits of terpenes — possible reduction of anxiety, allergies, and so on. As such, the base of the design is a fun and loud approach seen in the candy aisle. But then we cross-pollinate from medicinal packaging, with its grid-based approach and clean lines.



The sweet spot for a tagline? Up to 5 words and geared toward memorability. The client felt we hit the mark here with “sweet relief.” It communicates the benefits of terpenes as well as the candy category and has potential for memorability due to its internal rhyming.


What began with sketches of molecules inspired by terpenes’ chemical compounds, eventually was simplified to a confident logotype. Because the logo will take center stage on Terp’s packages, which are small (3.5 in x 5.5 in), we felt a clear and confident logotype should lead the brand.


With 14 candies each, the packages were economical in size at 3.5 in x 5.5 inches and don’t contain a window to see the product. So our design strategy centered around shelf appeal and messaging hierarchy due to the size as well as material.


Adding a touch of whimsy and character, illustrations that communicate the candy’s flavor anchor the packaging.

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From the client

Jeremy Olsen

President, Terp's Candy

"I cannot imagine where our company and brand would be without Nav. We created an innovative product and were unsure how to present it to the world; Nav guided us through creating the package design, how to think about our brand and keep our message on point. From the beginning, Nav’s thought-provoking questions fueled conversations which refined our vision and goals.”