Epic Labs

Project Overview


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand system
  • Collateral
  • Design templates
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy
  • UX design
  • UI design

CLIENT Epic Labs makes specialty optical lenses that in some cases, make it possible for legally blind patients to see!

USERS Their users are other optical labs that don’t have the equipment or skillsets to make these specialty lenses.

STRATEGY Epic’s clients of lab managers and owners need to confirm Epic’s technical aptitude while on the site. As such, we showcased the technicality of the lenses through 360 videos that play on hover as well as generally displaying the lenses as artwork — complete with their own 3D-printed stage that mirrors the detail and craftsmanship of the lenses.



The homepage puts Epic’s technical prowess center stage — literally — as well as its positioning as “the lab’s lab.” It’s a B2B site and it makes no mistake about it.


An above-average number of users are on desktop, so we were able to take advantage of interactive features more accessible on desktop (that still degrade gracefully on mobile), such as here in the navigation, where users can directly see a photo of the lens before they click to the respective page.

Product pages

It’s not only the face of these specialty lenses that are important to the buyers, but also the full 360 view. Large 360 videos that play on hover or click are prominently displayed on each lenses’ page — and we had determined were a key feature missing from competitors’ sites.



A subtle visual reference throughout is the use of foreground and background repetition of headlines — a cue to near-sightedness and far-sightedness.


The stationery takes the website’s look forward offline, leaving space for print and writing.

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